• Q: how much do plans cost to build?
  • A: construction costs will vary depending on location and site conditions, you can download the free study plans and discuss them with a local builder for an estimate.
  • Q: what do I get when I buy plans?
  • A: purchased plans can be downloaded immediately in .pdf format.
  • Q: how do I print the drawings?
  • A: you can email the downloaded file to your local printing company or copy it to a thumb drive and take it in.
  • Q: where do I get the drawings printed?
  • A: go to Google Maps and search for “blueprinting” on your local area.
Q: how many prints can I make?
  • A: you can make as many prints as you like, but the licensing agreement only allows one time use (build only once).
  • Q: how much will prints cost?
  • A: typically 24″ x 36″ printing is about $20 per sheet.
  • Q: what’s included?
  • A: drawings include plans, elevations, a building cross-section and any specialized details. A local structural and/or geotechnical engineer may be required. Electrical and plumbing layouts are not included.